Cosmedica – The London Cosmetic Clinic with a Difference

And the difference is that you will receive your face treatments in a very well reputed cosmetic clinic and by a highly qualified surgeon who is trained in the top hospitals in the UK.

Think carefully before you choose the clinic and the doctor when having any treatments on your face. It is about you face! You will come across many hugely advertised places with big claims, but think hard and only choose the appropriately qualified doctor to do this delicate treatment for you. Dr Iqbal is your best choice as he has dual membership of the Royal Colleges- the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Royal College of General Practitioners of the United Kingdom. He has vast experience in various surgical specialties in the best hospitals in London and knows even the minute details of the anatomy of your face. So, when he does treatments on face, they are very well thought out and very carefully planned, to ensure the best results – something that has earned him very happy and satisfied clients.

Our motto at the Cosmedica London is to keep you looking young, fresh and beautiful.

At our London cosmetic clinic, we believe that age is just a number; the way you look depends greatly on how much you look after your health and your skin. And here at the Cosmedica London, we’ll help you put your best face forward – all the time. We think the greatest investment you can make is an investment in yourself- if you look and feel fantastic, you’ll be able to handle anything the world throws at you!

Advances in medicine have transformed our lives- now it has become a personal choice as to how old – or young! – you want to look. You can choose to minimise wrinkles, blemishes and lines on your face or neck, or plump up and revitalize your skin with a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that help to brighten and tighten your skin. There are several cosmetic and aesthetic treatments available today that can transform the way you look and which aim to make you feel youthful, beautiful and confident.

Cosmedica Clinic Treatments

Botox treatments

Our Botox treatments involve removing face and neck lines and wrinkles, and an innovative botox treatment to help patients who suffer from excessive sweating.


Dermal fillers

Our dermal filler treatments involve lip filler, lip augmentation, cheek augmentation, cheek fillers, nose to mouth line treatments, jawline treatments and chin shaping treatments.



The dermal filler brands that we use include Juvederm® – all dermal fillers are safe and approved by the relevant Health Authorities in the UK

What Treatments does our cosmetic clinic perform?

At the Cosmedica London clinic, we perform a number of cosmetic procedures, some of our most popular being botox and dermal fillers. You have complete control over any treatments you choose to have at our cosmetic clinic. We will discuss and plan the treatment in detail with you in a consultation before the treatment.

Our skilled cosmetic experts provide a variety of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, including botox for facial lines and wrinkles. We also offer a specialised botox treatment for excessive sweating issues. Our dermal fillers are popular with clients who desire lip augmentation, nose to mouth line treatments, cheek augmentation or cheek fillers and chin and jawline shaping treatments.

All cosmetic treatments at the Cosmedica London cosmetic clinic are performed by highly trained medical professionals in a clean, private and safe clinic environment. We aim to provide the aesthetic results you want – with minimal pain or downtime. After your treatment, you’ll be back facing the world in no time…and looking your best!

Who we are

Cosmedica London is one of the top cosmetic clinics in London, located on Edgware Road and within close proximity to Harley Street. Cosmedica London is situated in the heart of the professional cosmetic and aesthetic treatment centre in London. We are dedicated to providing high quality facial treatments and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, performed by UK-trained and highly qualified private doctor in central London.

To maintain the quality of our treatments and to continue supplying great customer service and ongoing advice and support to our clients, most treatments are performed by our highly skilled surgeon, Dr Shehzad Iqbal. Dr Iqbal was trained in top London hospitals and has extensive experience in various surgical specialities. He is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and also the Royal College of General Practitioners. Here at our premier London cosmetic clinic- Cosmedica London, we will re-energize your skin and make you look as young as you feel. Think beauty, think Cosmedica London.

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